Tuesday, July 8, 2014

6 Reasons why YOU should use MavJobs!

THIS JUST IN! MavJobs is constantly trying to find ways to improve, and make your experience using the job search engine one you won’t forget, and here is why you should use MavJobs.    

1.    Great For Storing Your Resume and Possibly Landing A Job
MavJobs is a great place to showcase your experiences to employers and really show off your talents. Additionally, employers can search resumes on Mavjobs and possibly land a job, and/or internship, so try uploading your resume. Eliminate the hassle of searching for your resume, because you will have it conveniently uploaded on to MavJobs. No more searching through piles of emails, and no more thinking “where did I last save my resume?” because your resume will be saved on MavJobs.    

2.    Job Search Site With Strong Ties To MSU Alumni
“The Maverick pride is strong with this one”; Minnesota State University, Mankato is such an AWESOME university that employers specifically post job openings to MavJobs to get people like you. 

3.    Want To Work Overseas?
Well MavJobs has you covered! By connecting you with sites like Going Global and USA Jobs you are able to get connected to job and internship opportunities around the world.  

4.    Keeping You In The Loop
The news feed on the home page of MavJobs is great for keeping you in the loop of what events and fairs the CDC will be hosting, and providing you with advice on career-related topics. Job and internship openings are also posted in the news feed to keep you up to date on what is currently available for you. Don’t be left out of the loop; check out the MavJobs news feed. 

5.    Investigate Possible Careers
Learn about different careers through Mavjobs under the “Explore Career Resources” tab. You are able to do some investigating to determine a career path and see what steps you will need to take to be a professional in a specific field you desire. Take a look under “Learn about potential employers” tab to do some additional investigating - take on the role of Sherlock Holmes, to break the case and discover your potential career! 

6.    Scheduling Appointment Made Easy
MavJobs makes it easier to schedule an appointment with a career counselor here at the CDC.  You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your dorm room or apartment, or even your bed, to schedule an appointment. If you have a computer handy, just log into Mavjobs and scroll down a bit, on the right hand side of the screen you will find the “Schedule an appointment” shortcut.

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Now that you read this blog about MavJobs, and discovered all the cool stuff you can possibly do, go experience MavJobs for yourself. The experience is truly one you won’t forget.

- Antonio Moore, Graduate Assistant, Career Development Center

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Top 5 CDC Blogs of the Past Year

As the summer finally gets underway and the rain stops pouring down, it can be a good time to reflect on the past school year. The school-year cycle is beginning anew as students begin attending orientation so that they may begin their first-year on campus in the fall. Other students are waiting for their final year of school to begin. Still, others are taking summer classes or working on campus to make extra cash.

It is an exciting time and the perfect opportunity for us here in the CDC to reflect back on our work in this past year. One of the most important parts of our work is this very blog. We work hard to put out new content every month and ensure that everyone has something to learn. Well, except this time, because we are all super-tired! Instead, we will present the top 5 blogs that were written for and by us in the past year. Hopefully, this will offer a chance for new students to read some topics that you may have never read about before and also give you returning students a chance to revisit some valuable information.

  •  This is a blog that was written by last year’s Graduate Assistant, Shannon Dale. It gives some great advice on where to go to find information about being an entrepreneur.

4. Athletics: Be a sport in your career hunt! (10/8/2013)
  •  This blog deals with students looking to take advantage of skills they have learned while being a student-athlete. This was written by Nora Stauber, one of last year's  swimming and diving team co-captains for MNSU.

3. Navigating and planning your career path. (3/24/2014)
  •  In this excellent blog, an intern from last year, Amanda Dolfin, gives students a great idea of how to plan for your future career.

2. I have a LinkedIn account, but how can I use it effectively? (10/22/2013)
  • This blog written by a current Graduate Assistant, Joshua Foss, details 5 effective ways to utilized LinkedIn.

1. Where will your part-time job skills take you? (9/3/2013)
  •  The number one blog of the past year was also written by Shannon Dale. Here, she outlines how you can put your part-time job experience to good while pursuing your career.

Well, that does it for the top 5 best blogs of the past year! We hope that you laughed, cried, and maybe ate a sandwich. The information in here is useful and valuable to all students, regardless of where you are in your career path. Hopefully, you can find something in here that will help you reach your goals. 

  - Josh Foss, Graduate Assistant